This jar is about 3.5 inches tall (with lid) and 2.5 inches wide. It is not food safe.

This is a thrown and then hand altered jar that has been soda fired. The exterior is a yellow flashing slip with crystal and rock texture. The top of the lip and the bottom of the inside are adorned with my makers mark, the moony face. The bottom is also marked with my moony eye stamp. 

This jar is designed as a spiritual tool for offerings. I use these types of jars to hold charms, insense cones, herbs, and other things that i use as offering to my guides and the universe. 

The moony eye stamp is a stamp that I carved myself and use to sign my work. I created the stamp with the intention of attracting empowering energy to those who hold it. I Instill the intention and energy of grounding and stability to those pieces that I apply rock/crystal texture to. The moony face charm, on the front, is one I have created to attract good luck and positive energy to those who carry it.


Small Offering Jar


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