My pottery is an extension of myself. Not always right, but never wrong, and no two exactly alike. Explore my page and find a piece of yourself in my work. Thank you and come again!


10% of all proceeds of MAYAM products sold will be donated to the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation


      MayaM is an undergraduate student at Herron School of Art and Design studying Ceramics and Sculpture. Originally from Gary, Indiana, MayaM has been able to easily adapt to the busy and bustling city life. Having experience sculpting for Sarah Kauffman, AKA the ‘Cheese Lady’ and working closely with her professors as a student studio tech, MayaM demonstrates a high level of skills and flexibility. Even though the studio is like a home away from home for Maya as she spends most of her days working away, she still finds time to be active on campus as a member of Herron Ambassadors and Diversity, Enrichment, and Advancement of People (DEAP). Giving tours to incoming students and participating in mentorship programs gives MayaM a sense of community and an opportunity to help others. As a ceramicist, MayaM sees 

herself as well versed in the world of clay, particularly hand building and sculpting. With her added experience of woodworking, metal-smithing and working with any and all types of materials, mixed media art is her passion. The most unique of all her materials would be the use of synthetic hair in her pieces. Art is a personal experience found within and expressed outwardly to the world. MayaM finds that sharing her experiences and most private feelings allows viewers to not feel so alone. In pottery, MayaM holds to her similar style of calling back to the styles of ancient civilizations such as the Aztecs and Incas, and most obviously, the Mayans. As a women with a multicultural background, MayaM blends the characteristics of the past Americas and Africa and makes the style her 

own by speaking on modern topics in her work. “Often in life, people look at those who came before us almost as though they were wholly different creatures, but in reality, our ancestors were just like us, no greater or lesser, facing the same issues we have today just a little differently,” says MayaM. In the near future, MayaM hopes to attend graduate school and receive her masters in ceramics and create a career for herself as a college art professor. Passing on her knowledge and skills while also being a person that people turn to for help is Maya’s ultimate goal.

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