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Artist Statement

Brooke Alter

Although in the past I have explored many mediums and styles of art, in the last year, I have begun to refine my skills and have experience with mixed media, especially in my ceramics.  Growing up in a home surrounded by eleven acres of woods, the forest was my playground. I cherished each treasured item I found, whether it was a rock, a leaf, a pinecone, or a piece of wood.  I recognized from an early age the beauty in nature and wanted to bring this beauty into my art.  My concepts for my ceramics and other works of art often begin with a found object, most often something from nature: fibers, an antler, pine needles, or a piece of driftwood.  I begin to imagine how this element can be utilized in my work whether it is transforming a block of clay or another mixed media project. This approach of combining mixed media and natural elements in my ceramics and other mediums makes my designs unique and preserve the sanctity of nature. My most recent works focuses on “into the forest”, blending nostalgia from my childhood into my art.

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