Welcome to our online store! This year, in light of the pandemic, we're taking our ceramics sale online. Here, you'll be able to shop with each individual artist for products you'll love. Everything is handmade with each artist's personal touch. Our website will only be up between December 1, 2020 and May 1, 2021, so make sure to pick out something great.

Shipping and Pickup Information

Our website is designed to provide easy access to products you'll love with pick up and shipping options dependent upon the artist. We offer free shipping with all of our products, but some artists will also offer pickup. Items that are available for pickup will have a code in the description box that you can enter at checkout which will let the artist know that you have selected pickup. They will then contact you by email to set up a time and place to pickup your items. All items in your cart will be shipped if pickup code is not entered.


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